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Medicine Is Not The Only Cure

Passion is the strong amorous desire that makes us work hard to overcome any obstacles, we might face in the journey of achieving our goals. It can be the ignition to extraordinary success.

A single mother, a doctor and a therapist who found her passion in making life better, not only through medicine but also through art.

Zakiya Al Busaidi, sees challenges as a reason to give her best. She started painting four years ago, and went through tough times, but that did not stop her.

She believes that medicine is not the only cure, art can heal, and it does just that to her.

Art helped me heal, and this is one of the reasons why I want to share it with the world, I would like to share this with others, so they will know that age or beliefs about the self should not be limited, as long as they feel passionate about something.”


Since she was a school girl, Zakiya has been passionate about helping others to heal. She didn’t only keep this belief but she gave all she got to take her role in making the world a better place.

I’ve always wanted to help people heal, since I was at school. It might sound like a cliché to some but I believed since I was a child that each individual can make this world a better place and I wanted to do that through my work.”

Nature and spirituality are Zakiya’s main source of inspiration and on that she says: “In art, I am inspired by nature, most of all and by spirituality, and would like the connection with God’s light and love to be expressed in every aspect of my life.”

As a proud parent, she believes that motherhood is not a reason to stop her from reaching great achievements.

My PhD was on the relation between the mind and the body, and how emotional distress can manifest as physical symptoms. I believe as humans we are mind body and soul, all connected and what the only way to achieve contentment is by achieving balance between our physical, mental and spiritual well being. I would like to raise awareness in Oman to see mental health approached the same way as physical health,and I hope spiritual health will also be recognized as important to achieve a balanced content life.” 

Having a wide array of personal experiences is never a bad thing, and overcoming life's challenges is a good way to build character and become a better person.

And through Zakiya’s life experience, she aims to convey a message to the whole world:

Keep connected to the present moment, love who you are and learn how strong and beautiful your spirit is.”


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