Marriage Ritual in Oman

Many wonder, how are weddings organized in Oman? If you are a male visitor. then you’d have a hard time finding out since men “in general” are not included in weddings as much as women are.

However, there are two general kinds of marriages in Oman: the Traditional & the Modern.

Traditional Wedding:

This wedding includes men and women. They are in separate places. However, traditional weddings are usually in the interior parts of Oman; where people like to keep practising them. It is also a lot cheaper than modern weddings because it takes place in both “the bride and the groom’s” houses, in men’s side, it takes place in the mosque.

Before I start talking about what happens, I would like to explain the concept of a traditional wedding. The wedding takes place in the mosque, where the actual marriage is announced as he promises to fulfil his duty in front of his friends and family. Then, they all (in some families) go to meet the bride to give her the ring. Sometimes, this is done at the brides' house, she would normally be dressed up in the traditional gown, accessorized in gold and covering her head and apart of her face. When the groom enters as he is cheered by the family surrounded by the couple, he gently steps on her right leg, and hold her head with his right hand, and they all have a moment of silence where he read Al Fat’ha, which is a short verse from the Qur'an, as a token from which their lives start, and then he reveals his bride from the scarf covering her face. This ceremony is usually short. In addition, they exchange rings and leave together for a short cruise.

Now for the extended version!

Before the westernization of weddings and introducing the white dress, women usually wore an Omani traditional dress that is heavily embroidered in red or green. She would wear her gold, and even though it is her wedding, she still wears a scarf covering her hair and face according to the religious and cultural beliefs.

Though in the modernized weddings, that are very similar to the contemporary modern concept, nevertheless only women attend this ceremony. The groom meets his bride after the mosque at the wedding hall that has a capacity of 400 – 800 people. Women of both families get to meet , greet and dance the night away.

The groom enters later on that evening to exchange rings and take photos for memories with family and friends.

Different, right? Some families have Mr. and Mrs, weddings now too!

Photo Credits: Doonx98

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