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"Sports is great and has amazing benefits mentally and physically. Follow what you love, work hard for it, find ways around obstacles, believe in yourself, start and watch yourself slowly climb to reach your goal."

Marwa Al Wadhahi, an Omani athlete and a Spartan Global Brand Ambassador (2018-2019).

“I have a full-time job in the private sector, enjoying sports & challenges in my spare time. I took part in various competitions, most notably being a part of a team of 3 representing Oman during the Spartan World Team Championship at Lake Tahoe, USA. I’m passionate about adventure as well. I've climbed the highest Mountain in the Middle East and summited the highest peak in the African continent. I also love trying new things, engaging in volunteering and community activities from time to time.

I’ve always loved being active since a young age, I engaged in sports & competitions whenever I got the opportunity in school. So, it was only natural to pursue what sets my soul on fire as an adult.

Once I started doing crossfit, it wasn’t easy but that was exciting for me since I took it as a challenge. An empty barbell used to feel heavy, I couldn’t do pull-ups and there were so many things to learn & I couldn’t do. I slowly progressed, became stronger and I’m still working on myself.

In every sport we as women do, we will definitely face challenges and barriers ahead of us. As for me, I started Crossfit in a female only class then I started doing mixed classes and competitions so I would say getting used to working out covered in a mixed environment. Another thing is lack of female participation and competition. And lack of family support at times, that is out love and fear of me getting hurt and sometimes not understanding things.

When you love something you just pursue it and make it happen, I started and slowly adapted to working out covered in a mixed environment. It feels weird at first but usually the sport community are very respectful & supportive so there is nothing to fear. When you start doing something, others start seeing and asking so I encourage them to try, join and support them, so then I’ll be building the community and have more competition. When it comes to family, I try to convince them and manage any concerns they might have and eventually with time they accept and become proud. That is how I managed to face those obstacles and barriers that I faced downside the journey.

I do things out passion, I’ve learnt a lot through personal experiences and others experiences. The athlete I am has so many benefits; physical and mental benefits, I get positive feedback from others throughout my journey which only motivates me to continue and improve. So, I would say

that I was inspired by various people and athletes, by my supporters love and by the effect of sports on others and myself.

Being an athlete has made me physically and mentally stronger, fitter, happier and more confident. It’s a great way to release any stress from work, life or negative energy or sometimes I’m just very hyper and need to let the energy out. It’s a great way to make my country proud and give back to it through achieving podiums, being an inspiration to the youth, community and promoting an active lifestyle. I also learnt how positive environment and support makes a difference, so I try to support others in changing their life and watching them become active, healthier, stronger makes me happy and motivates me to continue. Being an athlete and my love for challenges taught me that we are capable of more than what we think we can do, we should believe, push hard, never give up and we will be surprised by what we achieve. This experience endorsed be fearless in doing what I love even when I’m a beginner taking on great challenges.

I’ve participated in various competitions both globally and locally. Podium used to be a dream, today it’s reality on at least on local scale. I dream to achieve more podiums, make my country proud, inspire more youth, see more Omani women active, and I would love to see a more active community in Oman. In the near future, I have the Spartan Middle East & Africa Championship this month and also, I’m hoping to represent Omani women in a weightlifting championship next month.

Sports is great and has amazing benefits mentally and physically. Follow what you love, work hard for it, find ways around obstacles, believe in yourself, start and watch yourself slowly climb to reach your goal. If you really work and strive towards your goal, opportunities will come to you and you will achieve your dream. Never set limits, you are capable of more, push hard and you will be surprised achieving what you never thought possible.

For more.. You can visit her social media account Marwa Al Wadhahi

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