Oman Para Athletics Meeting

The Paralympic Committee organized the Oman Forum for Athletics for the Disabled in its third edition of the year, which was sponsored by the Social Development Wing of Khimji Ramdas on 26 January 2019 at the Sultan Qaboos Sports Complex in Bousher. The event included a number of competitions including the 100m and 200m race, throwing javelin, throwing disc and throwing a sceptre. Where players were distributed in competitions according to type of their disability. The event was attended by about 102 players with motor disabilities, cerebral palsy, visual impairment and mental disability. The event was organized by the Paralympic Committee, with a number of volunteers from the Sultan Qaboos University, Of the employees of the company sponsoring the forum. At the end of the tournament, the patron of the ceremony was Dr Khamis Saud Al-Tubi

Director General of the Directorate General of Administrative Development in the Diwan of the Royal Court winners in the various competitions and in the presence of Mr Nilesh Khimji, member of the board of directors of Khimji Ramdas and a number of members of the Paralympic Committee and parents.

And the winners are:

Competition of payment of mental retardation F20:

First place: Esraa Al Hosani

Second place: Shama Alkhwaildi

Third place: Hind Al-Jabri

Javelin contest

First place Sami Al - Sulaimi

Second place Mohammed Al - Maamari

Third place Abdullah Almqbali

Competition of pushing the motion of motor block - Female

First place Khadija Hattali

Second place Maryam Al Breiki

Third place Amal al-Risi

The optical push challenges

First place Sultan Al Hinai

Second place Mazen al - Jessi

Third place Ahmed Al Falahy

The challenge of pushing the block for paralyzed cerebral palsy

First place Safa Al Ali

Second place Virtue Saidi

Third place Sharifa Zkwani

Competition for pushing of disability block parking mobility

First place Ahmed Al Mahrouki

Second place Mohammed Al - Jabri

Third place Nasser Al - Makhmari

The challenge of pushing the block for paralyzed cerebral palsy

First place Sultan Al Hadi

Second place Samir Samir

Third place Ibrahim Al Yahya

The Long Jump Contest – Male

First place Ahmed Al Busaidi

Second place Ahmed Abdullah

Third place Ahmed Al-Mehri

The Long Jump Contest – Female

First place Noura Al Saidi

Second place Fatima Al Harthy

Third place Esraa El Hassan

Race 100 meters for mental disabled - Female

First place Balqis Saidi

Second place Noura Al Saidi

Third place Fatima Al Harthy

The 100 meters race for mental disabled - Male

First place Ahmed Khaled

Second place Ahmed Al - Mehri

Third place Mohammed Al - Hosani

200 meters race for mental disabled - Male

First place Ahmed Al - Mahri

Second place Mohammed Al - Hosani

Third place Ahmed Al Busaidi

200 meters race for mental disabled - Female

First place Fatima Al Harthy

Second place Esraa Al Hosani

Third place Noura Al Ghailani

Results of national team competitions for athletes with disabilities

100 - meter visual impairment of mobility cerebral palsy

First place Taha Harrasi

Second place Qusay Al Rowahi

Third place Saqr Al Qasimi

Competing competitions according to the competence of each player to block cerebral palsy and mobility

First place Mohammed Al - Mashaykhy

Second place Fawzi al - Habishi

Third place Muhanna Awlad Thani

Shooting competitions according to the specialization of each player dynamic disability - Female

First place Ghalia Al Jabri

Second place 2 Raya Al Abri

Third place Shikha Al Hammadi

Source and photos
Sonia Mustafa – Oman Paralympic Coach

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