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Majestic Musandam

Musandam peninsula is a crucial part of the Sultanate of Oman. Its location on the northern border of the Sultanate is a reflection of its significance, as it contains the most important waterway known as The Strait of Hormuz. The latter is one of the most strategically important choke points for international trade since a high ratio of the world's petroleum passes through it. Musandam is famous for its high mountains that rise for more than two thousand meters above sea level and they spread out in the most fascinating natural geometrical way. Besides the mountains, the area is known for its breathtaking coastlines since it is bordered is by the Arabian Gulf in the West and by the Sea of Oman in the East. The mountains rise high from the coastline resulting in a landscape that attracts many visitors who are fond of natural scenery.

Musandam is not only an attraction to those looking for an escape towards mother nature, but it also astonishes history scholars and prospectors for its Archaeological sites including its forts, towers, ancient falaj irrigation system, and the mountains' fossils. Those sites stand today as a piece of evidence to history, that the Omani government eagerly makes continuous efforts to preserve and maintain. Furthermore, The cultural and historical heritage of Musandam varies, as it could be both tangible and intangible. The National Records and Archives Authority prepared a seminar titled "Musandam in the memory of Omani history" last December, in order to showcase the rich history of this Omani Governorate and its importance to Oman throughout ancient history until today's world.

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