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Wadi Tanuf and The Old Village.

Tanuf is one of Oman’s most historical villages between two of the biggest cities Nizwa and Bahla in Al Dakhiliya governate. Tanuf is famous for the drinking water brand, bottled in a factory near the Wadi of Tanuf but it was also famous for the history it beholds in the ruins of the village. At the base of the mountains, old town of Tanuf is located at the edge of Jabal Akhdar near Wadi Tanuf.

It is almost 20 km away from Nizwa, coming from Muscat is about 150 KM away, which calls for a fun day trip of exploration. The large town of Tanuf is hard to miss when approaching Wadi Tanuf and it carries a vague history. Before Oman’s renaissance, these ruins were fully functional all the way to 1950s. It has been recorded that the town was bombed and destroyed by the British in 1954-1955 in a collision against the disputant Beni Riyam Tribe.

Photo credits: Karin and Tobias

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