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The Beauty of Birkat Al Mouz

Birkat Al-Mouz, which is also known as “Banana Pool”, you will hardly spot many banana trees, however; palm trees are present in every valley. It is one of the iconic villages that contains famous ruins in the Sultanate. It is located, Old Tanuf- in Al-Dakhliyah governate. The village is a friendly oasis located at the foot of Jebel Akhdar. It is a perfect stop that will convey you back in time.

   This traditional village contains ruins of the tribes that once lived in those mountains surrounded by trees and greenery. It is also the home to a traditional Falaj (irrigation system), which is listed on the UNESCO world heritage list.

 In addition, there are a few activities that can be done in Birkat Al-Mouz, the village can be explored for 30 to an hour, visitors should be careful when walking around and inside the buildings of the village, it is an old village that many of its residents moved out. In addition, the old village of Birkat Al-Mouz grew in a close communal way. Another way to enjoy this village is through practising your photography skills while wandering through the buildings and the Falaj.


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