Al Habta, Oman’s Seasonal Market

Like every pre holiday season markets flourish with various types of products that differ from one season to another, in Islamic worlds there are several markets, some are permanent and others are seasonal.

Oman is known for it’s traditional markets that are located in the center of every governorate, one of the most popular seasonal markets are known as “Al Habta” Which means coming down to the market in Arabic.

Al Habta is usually organized before Eid celebrations in order to provide all the items needed for these religious holidays, it is usually organizes the final 10 days of Ramadan, and before Eid AL Adha, which is a second Eid that’s being celebrated by Muslim communities around the world.

This unique seasonal market hosts local goods and products such as clothing’s, fruits and vegetables, as well as toys and spices. It is famous for selling various livestock which mainly is the reason for most people to attend.

Livestocks are sold differently from one area to another, as some are being sold by bidding.

Shopping in this cultural market is a famous tradition for many Omanis. This seasonal market will be revived from one generation after another.

Photo credits:
Haitham Al Farsi

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