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A Day in Six Senses Spa

We all agree that a regular break is much needed to regain our spirit and get back to work energized with more enthusiasm. These breaks could be spent with family at home, going to the beach and going to entertaining places with friends or family. Some people and especially millennials today are more into exploring new places domestically or even abroad. Those who prefer to spend their vacation in Oman have many interesting options that are taking into account the privacy of the Omani society in general, especially regarding women outdoor activities.

Oman includes a lot of places that combine both nature and history, a mixture rarely found in the region. Besides that, there are castles and forts that are scattered throughout the country as historical constructions, as well as the water bodies like the Aflaj in different locations. The resorts and spas are considered as a good option to be added to the suggestions list too. They are abundant with options that are suitable with the nature and culture of the Omani society. One of these exceptional experiences is the Six Sense Spa. "It is five minutes walk from Al Bustan Palace. The spa is artfully set into the dramatic landscape of the Haijar Mountains and follows the natural course of the wadi (valley)".

The most important feature of this spa is its exclusive private beach for women, providing them with a suitable and ambient atmosphere to enjoy a variety of services and facilities, making this experience unique and special. For instance, ladies can practice activities that they may not be able to practice in an open beach, such as taking a swim in the pool or in the sparkling sea, besides other services offered based on the customers desire. The spa also provides food and outdoor gathering decorations for birthdays and different celebrations. Furthermore, an indoor gym exists for those who would like to exercise. This experience is suitable for ladies who wish to have a special girl’s day out. Repetition of this experience frequently would be a required refreshing break from time to time. If you are a girl reading this article at the moment and you haven’t been there yet, then it is your turn to go and enjoy this wonderful experience. This period with the sunny but cool atmosphere is the most suitable time to enjoy the services there. However, if you are a tan fan then you can try it in summer too!

Written by:
Attifa Nasser Al Maskari
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