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Jamana - Endless Energy

We always have our first impressions about people, intentionally or not. One of those unique impressions you get is when you meet Jamana.

Jamana is a 29-year-old entrepreneur and a mother who has been dealing with many challenges bravely. One of the reasons that pushes her forward is to prove the power of Omani females. “Omani girls are capable of doing great things. They need to be trusted and given a better chance.”

One of the biggest challenges Jamana has been facing is the way many people underestimate the power of females. She wants to show them how powerful the female can be. Thus, Jamana runs an entire business including customer service, sales, marketing and admission. This takes most of her time but she never crosses the importance of having her own time with her kid. “Being a mother and a full-time entrepreneur is not an easy task but it is not impossible when having the passion and the love of what you do.”

Jumana was raised in a house that loves crafting. She had been making hand-made pieces of jewellery since she was a kid. Later on, she decided to make it more than just a hobby, to turn it into a business. This became real in 2008 when she decided to become her own boss. Hence she loves exploring new things, she started volunteering when she was 17 and after 5 years she became an international trainee.

Her experience taught her that art and crafting can teach a lot and from there she had the idea of making kids learn through art and crafting and this led her to start Crafterina Oman in 2015. She launched a creative club team that help kids learn through experience, crafting and art.

“One of the goals is to build a creative community of kids in Oman and to host art sessions for society to build younger artists. This will ignite the creative mind of these kids.”

One of the reasons that led her to reach this point and even get the motivation to move forward, is the supportive family she has. “The support of family will keep you fighting to achieve your goals and make them proud of you.”

Jamana believes in the power of females in achieving great things, thus she wants her message to reach all girls around the world, specially to those who are tied by their society’s rules: “don’t limit yourselves with tradition and community rules. It is not an obligation.”

When our interview with Jamana came to its end, we asked her if she has a message she wants to tell to everyone. She took a deep breath and said “Live your life and let live. You are living for yourself. A lot of youth are wasting their life waiting for the right moment. Don’t wait. Create it.”

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