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Al Surah Mountain

Oman is known for its habitat diversity. This makes it a good destination for all types of adventurers. To mention one, Oman has great mountains ranges which make wonderful places for camping. One of these beautiful mountains is Al Surah Mountain.

Al Surah Mountain is located in Al Dhahira, Ibri west of Shams Mountain. Like other mountains of Oman, the weather can go below 0 in some days leaving frost that is formed during the night and melt during the day. Reaching the mountain requires 4x4 because of the unpaved road.

Al Surah Mountain is famous for the wildlife it embraces like wolves, lynxes and foxes. They appear and seen sometimes by the locals. In addition to that, a high environmental diversity can be seen in the plants of the mountain. It has different types of plants that can be only found on foothills.

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