From Wall Scribbling to Graphic Design

Are people born with talent or is it a result of nurture? How would you react if you find your child drawing on walls? 

Some parents might consider it as a mischievous behavior while others strive to guide their children to express themselves in a proper manner, like giving them the support they need to expand their talents as well as implanting the passion, paving the path towards it.

For the young graphic designer and illustrator Shaima Al Alawi, her art path has emerged from her early childhood. 

“My art journey started since I was 5 years old, my mother told me that I use to draw on the walls of our house and that I used to hide behind the door or the curtain to draw. “ 

As she grew up with the support of her family and art tutors her talent developed along with her inspiration that was mostly derived from

watching movies that contain aspects of high-quality cinematography.

Her art is a unique combination of contemporary digital expression of characters with aspects of cultural reflections. Most of her work ranges around the figure and character design. 

“I like to look at old photos, and try to recreate that moment with my own style.”

Shaima completed her studies at the scientific college of design, with a bachelors degree in graphic design in 2013.

“I felt that I am more into character design and illustrations, so I decided to create my own style, I try to mix (The Japanese animation characters + Disney studio characters + Omani culture + my imagination). It’s not easy to make your own style, it took me a long time to explore mine.”

The young graphic designer believes that art is a powerful international language, that’s a tool to communicate with others from other countries. 

“I draw what I love and I wanted to share my art & my world with others.

I really want to show the world the beauty of Oman and the beauty of our culture.”

For more, you can visit her social media account


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