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Al Sifah Beach - An Escape From The City

Al Sifah beach is considered one of the most beautiful and quiet beaches in Oman. It provides a warm atmosphere away from the cityscapes. It is about a 40-minute drive to the south-east of the capital city of Muscat.

“The place is absolutely beautiful. The endless sea surrounded by huge mountains, an ideal place to go in groups for an overnight. There will be other groups also camping so it's pretty safe. The sunrise is a must watch. You will see the shades of the sun & the reflection of it in the vast sea. Birds flying during sunrise. You will be tempted to swim in the sea also.” Says Rahulriteshswali.

According to Al Sifah visitors, what attracts them there is the soft sands, the crystal-clear nights and the quietness of the place. It is like an escape from work and long weeks’ pressure.

Louai A is another visitor for Al Sifah. He says about his experience: “An hour drive from the Muscat you find yourself in a natural haven of crystal clear sea, warm golden sands and blue sky against a background of rocky mountains. it is a safe place for camping overnight, starting a bone fire, having a BBQ, swimming, fishing and surfing are a few of the activities you can do in this spot”

The best time to visit Al Sifah is from December to February for the weather is at its best there.

So, planning for an overnight with an unspoiled nature? Al Saifah Beach welcomes you.

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