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Souq Al Sabt

Everyone gets excited when its winter time in Oman, the weather is cooler, the sun is not that direct and we finally get to spend most of our time outdoors. This season extends from November to February, as well as the season of multipurpose events and festivals, such as Muscat festival, food festival, winter village and Souq Al Sabt ( Saturday market ) That has been the THING for the past few years. This market happens every Saturday, with a similar concept to the Sunday market in Europe. In addition the highlight of this market is the location, which is The Mouj, you will be surprised how crowded this area can get on a Saturday, yet what I personally love about it, its simplicity in gathering all local and foreigners in one area to showcase their talent, homemade or handmade items plus all the delicious snacks and food together with organic plantations, vegetables and roses. 


Almost everything can be found in the market, I must highlight the local honey, and natural cosmetics made at home. It was a well day spent because my visit to the Souq was with my toddler, yet she had a blast due to the thoughtful arrangements of kids and toddler playground section while I enjoy the bazaar, BRILLIANT right?

Another point is this Souq has two sessions, each session is 8 Saturdays, the bazaar is active during the morning from 8:30 to 2 pm only. The second session which will be during January. Other participants will be displaying their creations to not bore the audience and Non-locals participants. They proudly mention that they are proud to have such opportunity to have bazaar at their local area and locals are pretty much entertained by the thought of having a market of such!

Therefore Souq Al Sabt is a must go location during Winter in Oman, so don’t forget to add to your to-do list.

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