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Ever since I was a kid, I have been mesmerized by the vast blue puddle of water called the sea. I would go daily for a swim with my father & brothers, and enjoy the cool swim in the heat of the summer.

Being a kid who always fascinated on what is hidden in plain sight. The sea is a great mystery that needs to be explored.

I started watching documentaries about the blue world we live in, every second of the documentaries I watch, I fell in love with the great blue more and more. I have decided to venture in to this world of the unknown.

I had no idea on where can I start or what do I need to do, learn the skills needed for such exploration.

I decided to start improving my swimming skills and practice swimming long distance to make sure I have enough stamina to endure few hours of swimming that will always be needed when you swim in the sea.

A cousin asked me to join him snorkeling one day and we head to Ras Al-Hamra beach. Once I had the mask on and saw the corals for the first time, I took a deep gasp of how amazing this world is, I just fell in love. Ever since that love at first sight I just couldn’t stay away from the sea.

Not after swimming next to a turtle swimming gently next to me. Gentle creatures that roam the sea to live their lives enjoying the blue. During my studies at college one of the teachers was a diving instructor and he offered to create a dive club for the school, I was the first to sign up,,, he gave me the books and materials to read which describes basic understanding of the physics of diving and what happens to our bodies under pressure of the water column above us. It also teaches the basic equipment needs to scuba dive. After the refreshing theory we head to the swimming pool where we practiced the essential techniques that every diver needs to know, eg, when you are out of air what should you do? Or when someone kicks the mask out of your face.

We spent around two days at the pool. The two days after the pool we spent on the sea, it is hard to explain your feeling when you first get in the sea with a scuba gear on you.

The moment I took my first breath underwater, I knew my whole life has changed… Once I have finished my Openwater diving course, I know i was hooked on scuba diving. My life will never be the same.

I am forever a person who lives to breath underwater and I forever fell in love with the sea. People do ask me why do I scuba dive?

I simply can answer as follows:-

- I love the anticipation of every dive

- I love the silence - I love the adventure

- I love to discover and explore

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