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"The eagerness of the community to learn, work hard and make a success is what inspired me the most to inspire the Omani people"

Tariq Hilal Al Barwani is an innovative technologist and a social entrepreneur that focuses on creating projects that impact society positively. Tariq is also a motivational presenter & public speaker who shares practical knowledge and real-world experience that helps transform people. Tariq’s unique projects have received recognition & awards locally and internationally. He is actively invited to contribute on various media, TV & Radio so as to speak to students and faculty members in the schools, professionals and experts in private companies, and officials in the government sector. Tariq serves in the board of academic institutions and also supports government initiatives as a consultant & advisor. Today, Tariq spends most of his time reading books, travelling through different countries & exploring new things in life to help others achieve their goals & dreams. He is also actively involved with the society through the knowledge sharing community platform; Knowledge Oman and is also engaged through social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, Instagram and Youtube. On his way back from studying abroad, Tariq decided to impact the community with positivity and winning mindset all the time and said: "if I can do it, others can do it better." And he added, "they just need to know the secrets which I share on a daily basis on every social platform I use."  Tariq has a Diploma in Information Systems, a Bachelor’s Degree with honours in Computer Science and a Master’s degree in Information Technology. Apart from enriching his technical knowledge and skills, he also furthered his management skills through multiple courses and by working in different functions within several of Oman’s leading corporations – from corporate affairs, public relations, product development, sales & marketing to business development. On his response of what inspired him to inspire the Omani community, he said: "Omanis can do wonders if they have the necessary support, guidance and indeed a platform to flourish. What inspired me to inspire Omanis is the eagerness of the community to learn, work hard and make a success. As a result, I found it is important to inspire in order to help build that necessary momentum to flourish." 

"Getting the necessary support to launch projects were a challenge, yet within time & consistency, today challenge has become very minimal due to track record and successful history (alhamdulilah)" Tariq said that the challenges that he faced at the beginning and he successfully managed to handle it and bring the best out of it. Tariq created many computer programs that have impacted tens of thousands of users in the country (Oman). He also partnered with the public and government institutions that launch TV, Radio and unique events for the mass public. He has also founded the largest community knowledge sharing platform, Knowledge Oman, which is today managed by a group of both the local and expatriate residents living in the country who work together solely to fill the knowledge gap within the country. 

Tariq received many local and international awards and recognition from different sectors and organizations. He was recognized recently at the BizPro award 2018 as the most inspiring Omani. And before that, he was rewarded the "Outstanding Entrepreneur Who Believes in the Spirit of Giving" at the Global Giving Awards ceremony dedicated to H.H Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashed Al Maktoom, Vice President & Prime Minister of the UAE and Ruler of Dubai. As a technologist, Tariq was awarded by the largest software company in the world, Microsoft, as the Most Valuable Professionals for 10 years (2006-2016) consecutively. In 2007, Tariq was invited to attend Bill Gates last presentation in the Annual Microsoft MVP event, Richmond in the USA. Tariq today is part of the Microsoft Reconnect program supporting Microsoft on community-related initiatives. In any slot in the creative life, the person would look to improve more and target many new audiences for the new ideas, on this matter, Tariq humbly said: "I like to keep this a secret (like all the other projects I have worked on). This has always been a reason for success. However, the target is regional, where Oman would be put in the world Knowledge map."
In the end, Tariq decided to send a motivational message to all the young Omanis who seek for innovation and creativity by saying: "have an interest, work hard (very hard), be focused and don’t allow anyone to influence or disrupt your focus, and finally keep your faith (Iman) strong with Allah for that’s where your blessings are all made." 

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