Souq Al Wathba by Bank Muscat

Numerous multi-purpose exhibitions are held annually in Muscat before the celebrations of Eid. These exhibitions work as a platform, which supports local SME’s in the country, by bringing them all together in one location to display their products, services and their businesses.

Bank Muscat is one of the well-known organizations that organize exhibitions, the exhibition is known as Souq Al Wathba, which holds the same purpose. The event is distinctive than other events as the support extends to artists, chefs and many local talented entrepreneurs that are willing and able to showcase their work furthermore. Most of the locals are turning their creative ideas into a small business or even a job rather than just focusing on clothing, accessories, beauty and jewellery.

This year, Souq Al Wathba is held on the 31st of May to the 2nd of June 2018. Successfully, it supported more than 800 interested applicants. However, not all the applicants get the opportunity to showcase, but they remain on the registration database for the hopes of getting a spot in the following years.

 Bank Muscat also offers tables and chairs for the participants, as well as a 2x2 meters of space to display their products and services. In addition, participants are cheerful and appreciative of the efforts extend by Bank Muscat to host such events. Most of the exhibitions are meant to support local SME’s, Souq Al Wathba shows the support it by offering a free of charge spaces.

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