Omar Bashir Music School in Oman

‏Omar Bashir is an Iraqi-Hungarian musician. He is one of the greatest oud players in the world currently and he is well-known of his unique Bashiri oud style. He is to open the first private music school in Oman; Omar Bashir Music School. Omar is the son of one of the greatest oud player in the 20th century; Munir Bashir who was considered to be the supreme master of the Arab Maqamat scale system. 

‏“I love Oman since a long time. My father was always talking about it. He always says that Oman is a different country from all its neighbours for it has an ancient civilization. Its people are generous and kind. Its nature is eye-catching. Then in 2015, I performed in The Royal Opera and in Bait Al Zubair. This was a great opportunity to know Oman and its people more. I thought of creating something unique and a new generation of musicians in this wonderful country. A generation who learns Arabic music, as well as European music and,  comes out with a new style. I have been practising the mixing of the orient and the western music for 25 years.” 

‏Omar Bashir is known for his own oud style. The roots of building this style go back to when he was a kid. He and his father used to listen to the world’s music every morning. From Japan to China to India to the Americas and the western world. This led to building a whole new music culture within Omar Bashir. 

‏“In Omar Bashir Music School, I intend to teach the new generations the original orient music, the history of Arab arts and the history of Omani art as long as this school is in Oman. I will also build a library for Omani music where I will collect Omani songs and Omani music scales. In the same time, I will teach Omanis how to reach new horizons of creating music with opening their minds to the world music like mixing oud with classical music, orchestra, flamenco or Indian music.” 

‏On the reason of why Omar Bashir selected Oman to be the host of his music school, he says: “Oman has a great mix of cultures from different continents. This makes it the perfect spot for creativity in music. These potentials only need to be refined and guided and here where my school’s part comes. The new generation has to understand that orient music is the origin of the world’s music.” 

‏Omar believes that classic songs never die and they can be performed in a new different way every time by adding a touch of another music culture to it every time which opens the door for a new horizon of music creativity. 

‏Omar Bashir Music School will open soon in Shati Al Qurm, Muscat close to The Royal Opera House. “We are now preparing the school with modern high-class instruments. Also, the Bashiri Oud will be there. This oud is important to follow my, my father’s and my uncle’s method of playing. I will guide the students to select the perfect instrument for them based on their skills. The school will shortly open the door to receive students from 7 to 60 years old”. “Music is not restricted to an age. It is a right for all ages,” Omar concludes: “we will teach the Bashiri music style which started with Munir Bashir and Jamil Bashir, my father and my uncle, and continues with me.” 

The school and registration are to open soon.

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