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Omani Harees

I am NO CHEF. But, Its is so hard to wait for an occasion to have the delicious Omani traditional food. Yes, some restaurants provide it. Yet, Nothing beats the thought of home cooked food.  

Making Harees is actually easier than I thought, and it's actually my daughter's favourite meal! Which is basically whole wheat, you can find it in stores and supermarkets in legumes isle. Try it out my way and enjoy.


2-12 Cup Harees seeds

1 Whole chicken

1 Tbs Salt

1 Tbs Pepper

1 Tbs Gee

1 Tbs mixed powder spices

5 pcs of fresh cardamom

4 cups of water

To begin with, this needs an overnight soaking and to prepare the Harees seeds.

Once you are ready to start cooking, remove the access water of the Harees and add it into a clean pot with new water and let it come up to a boil at low heat. It will take up to 2 Hours for the Harees to cook evenly and try to stir through it because of its sticky texture.

Then, cut and clean the chicken and add it into a pot, add few sticks of chopped celery, onion, garlic and tomatoes to generate the flavour of the chicken stock. Add the spices; salt, pepper and the fresh cardamom finally add about 4 cups of water, then let the chicken cook through.

Once their both ready, filter the chicken stock from the vegetables, as their no longer usable. And pour the chicken stock into the Harees “Without removing the extra unevaporated water from the Harees pan”. Then pick up each chicken pcs with the bones and add it, gently start mashing the mixture with a strong wooden spoon. Mixing and mashing may take up to 30 mins, and it may require some stamina.

Finally, you may add the gee on top to melt and mix it through, and you can add a little more for garnish.

Bon appetite!

By :

Lubna Al Maskari 

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