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Destined to Come to Oman

I have always been passionate about art. This passion was ignited in me as a seven-year-old. I had an opportunity to see the old masters at the National Museum, London, and at Versailles and Louver, Paris. Then as a nine-year-old growing up in the midst of Modern Art in Mumbai, my passion was nurtured and sustained.
From a young age, I have loved to experiment with different mediums and I taught myself to paint in oils and watercolours, amongst others.  I am by profession a teacher and have experience of 24 years teaching across ages of 3 years to young adults. The single connecting thread that has run through my life is this passion for art. I knew of Oman, from my father, he had come to Oman on board INS Mysore in 1972. But as I was growing up the stories of that visit faded. Then in 1989, my husband was offered a position with an Omani company and I learnt that my father in law also had come to Oman in 1964 on board INS Brahmaputra. That’s when I knew we were destined to come to Oman and we did in 1990.
I just fell in love with Oman. It was definitely love at first sight. I got off the plane and the drive into the city along Qurum Heights to Corniche was most spectacular. As I got to know Omani people, I knew we were in a great place. 

The generosity and the gentle manner of the Omani people are what has kept us in Oman. The quiet and beautiful natural surroundings, the sea and mountains are a source of everything creative.
I think Oman has to be on everyone’s bucket list. It offers a peaceful experience for all ages. There are the great outdoor activities and experiences from hiking to dune bashing. Sailing and fishing to scuba diving. For the quieter sort great dining experiences. The simplicity and generosity of the Omani people are the best of Arab hospitality. For us, Oman has been home for 27+ years and would not have been so but of this single aspect. 

Tarini Agarwal

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