Traditional Sports

The traditional games reflect the cultures of the people, where they are influenced by the environment in which they are practised and they affect their environment as well, these games have their followers, fans and enthusiasts. Governments around the world encourage and support their local traditional games in order to preserve the national identity, preventing their disappearance in the modern technological boom and the influence of globalization.

In the Sultanate of Oman, the government has made great efforts to preserve the material and moral heritage. Among these efforts is the role in documenting the traditional games and including them in the Omani encyclopedia, in addition encouraging various competitions to be held in the Sultanates tourist, cultural and entertainment festivals. As well as teaching the school students about these games by including them in the curriculum adopted by the Ministry of Education.

The Ministry of Sports Affairs has also undertaken a project for the development of the Omani People's Games following the great encouragement of His Majesty the Sultan. The competitions of the popular games are conducted during the activities of the Sultan's regular and continuous tours throughout the Sultanate.

The great attention paid by the Government to these traditional games is of great interest. These traditional games have been preserved and documented, as has the cultural heritage of the rich country's history and civilization.

These games are similar to international games such as chess, tennis, sports that rely on physical exertion; including horse, camel and donkey racing, but they come with a purely Omani flavour influenced by the local environment. 

Photo credits: Abdullah Al Yahmadi 

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