Positivity Through Art

A message can be conveyed in various forms, not necessarily through words, it can also be through music, performances and arts. It can be expressed in a way that directly touches the senses of the receptors. Living in a world that is passing through drastic changes, nothing is more needed than a message of positivity.  

Saba Nasser Al Hashar is a young Omani artist from Sur, is striving to spread positivity through her unique art. With an interesting combination of culture, heritage, and local urbanism overlapping words and Arabic proverbs, using different mediums that consist of photographs, spray paint, integration of elements from the street and touches from her personal expression, in a none traditional way. 

Saba was a student in the Sultan School, she followed her passion by studying IB and IGCSE of arts, then studied fine arts in Virginia Commonwealth University in Qatar for three years, and currently, she is completing her studies of fine arts in the UK. 

“My arts aim to reflect the beauty and the aesthetics of my culture and personal identity”

Saba has participated in a number of art exhibitions, her first art show was in 2017 that was organized by her school, “Identity” was the title of her latest solo art exhibition, that showcased her creativity and inspiration which was derived from her surroundings.

“The world needs more storytellers, dreamers, change makers and action takers. In any way they can.”

The young artist worked on herself to introduce her work to the people. She believes that art plays a big role in altering peoples thoughts towards a positive direction, and expressing emotions with art can be a powerful means to deliver a message. Her ambition is to push herself to the limits in order to introduce herself and her identity as an artist with a positive message. 

For more.. You can visit her instagram account Link

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