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Six Sense - Unforgettable Experience

In the far north coast of Oman, at Zighy Bay behind Musandam Mountains in the world finest 6-star hotel called Six Sense resort & Spa. This specific hotel epitomizes the mend of the humans 6 senses, as it aspires to nourish them with what they believe impulses fine health.

How to get there?

There are several ways to get to Musandam, You shall choose the best opinion from: 

1. Airport: you can fly to a local airport at Musandam and an arranged driver from the report shall transport you to the resort.
2. Drive:  

 From Muscat, it is about 470 km drive. And you require to enter the UAE and exit it again through the border to get to the destination.

From Dubai, it is about 1 and a Half Hour drive and only requires you to exit the UAE border to enter Oman.

3. Paraglide Experience: Yes you get to jump off the mountain cliff and land on the resort sands as an optional activity to heat up your arrival.

4. Ferry: Traveling by sea can be a great opinion for those who enjoy it.

5. Helicopter ride: May be provided to entertain your arrival experience.

The Resort devotes for your well-being, mentally, physically and emotionally. The entire resort is made out of natural stone, its architecture and interior design is entirely inspired by the Omani culture and history as it grants the impression of living the in the 50s. Using Potteries, palm tree branches, solid wood, leather animal skin, wool and other materials to inhibit the atmosphere.

The ambience is powered by gasoline rather than the modern power sources. Restaurants at the resorts prepare healthy meals from ingredients grown from local farms, as nothing has been imported from outside Musandam. 

The hotel also mends having healthy activities that scheduled at sunset, or sunrise for its mental and physical importance as well as dinner and breakfast at those timings. Other relaxation activities are available in different manors such as cooking classes, ocean cruises in the other hand entertainment activities including Jet Skiing, snorkelling and many more are available. 

Let's not forget about the well being Spa. It's the Six Sense after all! The spa designates the purpose of the stay, this service can be provided in-villa or at the spa it sells, so does meals and cinema setting and BBQ In Dine, to maximize your comfort and relaxation. 

Summing up, the white sands, and blue ocean, hearing the waves crash all day can have the greatest impact on our aspect. 

Can't forget the wonderful, and caring staff.  

Advise: You might want to go for the full boarder, there aren’t much food opinions close by.

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